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About Us

“Everything is temporary - whether it is physical world or mental world.” The World of Tattooing is Glamorous and Glorious but still, it is temporary. So, I believe Permanent Tattoo should call long-lasting Tattoo and I want to contribute a very little in this field through my long-lasting Art of Tattooing. It’s been a long time to work as a drawing and painting faculty; I have suddenly felt to explore something different and interesting but also should have a connection with drawing and painting. After completion of Post-graduation in Visual Arts (Painting) from A.U, Silchar in 2012, I have really wanted to build my carrier in a field where I can utilize my academic and professional experiences. I have often been practicing tattooing for last 2 years with my regular profession. On September 1, 2018, my dream has come true as The Imp’s Tattooz and I strongly believe that The Imp’s Tattooz will provide best designs, professional work and hygienic performance to its clients. I am thankful to everyone that collectively participated in making The Imp’s Tattooz become more creative."- Mr. Kanak Kanti Sinha, owner/artist